About Lean Agile Network (LAN)

Lean Agile (Software Development) Network is a community of enthusiasts about Lean, Agile, Leadership, Scrum, Kanban, Change, Transformation, XP, UX, and related topics. You can find us at http://leanagile.network 

We are gathering on a monthly basis (at least), on a social occasion to get together, learn from each other, network, and find new challenges to grow.

Shahin is the founder of the Lean Agile Network, and throughout these years he was privileged to work with great people of the Agile Community to make it a strong one.

Lean Agile Network started in Nov 29, 2016, with a simple idea of having lunch together, as a community! It used to be called the AgileLunch community, which later changed the name to Lean Agile Network as we moved away from only having lunchtime gatherings.

The Very First Community Gathering Through Google Groups

We have grown from a small google group to a Meetup, Linkedin, Twitter, and our videos are even on YouTube. You don't need to wait for our gatherings to connect with us, you can join our slack channel as well!