LAN Communication & Promotions Policies

Slack ~ 500 ppl members
Slack for all members of LAN. Anyone that likes to promote anything on our slack, they are more than welcome to; as long as they are not spamming the community.

LinkedIn ~ 500 ppl followers
LinkedIn is only for the promotion of the LAN events. LAN leadership team never used it to promote other events. We don't intend to do so moving forward as well. 

Twitter ~ 100 ppl followers
This is to promote LAN events and also other community events. We have done it for events such as coach camp, coach retreat, and so forth without the event organizers even asking us. If you know of any event please let us know about it.

Same as slack, one can promote using it as long as they are not spamming the community. 

Meetup Mailing List ~ 2000 ppl - a unique partnership 
This is where LAN leadership team is super careful not to send many emails to its members. We will send max one per quarter for our community members. If there is an event that has a fee to be advertised, we want to bring the best value to our members. We ask the organizers to create a unique ticket price available to, and only to LAN members only.  We trust the organizers to provide us with the lowest price as we don't have any way to audit them. This price is typically lower than the early bird price, and it is only available to LAN members. In the case that promoters are targeting multiple groups/entities to provide them with the same ticket price as LAN, we ask you first to make it available to LAN members and after two weeks of time provide it to other groups.

*Data as of March 2023
How do we define spam?
If you are an active member of a community you are more than welcome to share your thoughts, news etc through communication channels detailed above. If you are not an active member of community, we will consider you spammer and may limit your access.